Product Advantage

Pressing-resisting: With special pressing-resisting techniques, profiles remain untracked  in the drop property experiment with a heavy hammer 10kgs freely dropped from 1 meter height at 10 C.

Excellent water-sealing property: With rain-proof and grooves and poles water drainage door & windows can isolate rain to outside doors completely.

Excellent heat preservation:With low heat-conduct property, the heat insulation of plastic is 1250 times better than aluminium. Especially with good air-sealing, even though it is dozens of degree below zero outside door it is another warm world indoors.

Good air-sealing property: Every gap of PVC doors and windows can play the role of air-conditioner in rooms with cold equipment. As a result, energy can be saved.

Excellent theft proof property:  PVC doors and windows together with good mental components and good fasteners leave no room for thieves.