Energy: There is an easy to identify label that helps you compare the energy efficiency of ASCOP Door & Windows against those of other manufactures. As per the rating of saving energy introduced by different organizations, ASCOP is proud to provide a range of Door & Windows that meet and exceed the Energy Saving Recommended status.

Security: High Security is vital for all homes, that is why the ASCOP range of Door & Windows receive continual investment and testing to ensure you maintain peace of  mind.The ASCOP range provide security exceeding all current developed countries standards features inculde internally glazed Door & Windows enhanced by strong tubular steel sub frames.

Safe Exit: It is now a legal requirement that in certain situation you must have an easy exit window fixed, why compromise on safety when ASCOP provides it as standard?

Easy Clean: With  the ASCOP range of Door & Windows research and development has resulted in the design of and an easy clean window hinge.